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KvK-nummer: 82237042

Mission Statement

The Ummah Project Foundation was established with the mission of documenting the stories of Muslims. We listen to the personal stories shared by Muslims from all corners of the world. In capturing these stories, we also hear about the pain and injustices experienced by Muslims, including discrimination and other human rights violations. While our focus is on Islamophobia, we emphasize discrimination in all forms, regardless of the reason for it.Our lawyers work in a unique collaboration with filmmakers, documentary makers, and photographers to document and combat Islamophobia and xenophobia through the power of the written word and the camera. Filmmakers, documentary makers, and photographers capture the stories and processes, which are then published on our website.

The complaints that the foundation handles are completely free for everyone.

Our lawyers work tirelessly to report on alleged violations of fundamental human rights, such as the principle of equality, the prohibition of discrimination, and the freedom of religion. Complaints are initially filed with those who are suspected of violating these rights, and ultimately, if necessary, with the UN Human Rights Council, UN Human Rights Committee, or the European Court of Human Rights after exhausting national remedies.

Reward System

The board members of the Ummah Project Foundation do not receive compensation for their work as board members. Similarly, volunteers of the Ummah Project Foundation do not receive compensation. The employees of the Ummah Project Foundation are rewarded in accordance with the guidelines of the Collective Labor Agreement (CLA) that corresponds to their position. At present, there are no employees, and the work is carried out by the board and volunteers.


The team currently consists solely of board members, who are:

  • Chairperson: Samira Sabir
  • Secretary Treasurer: Soufian Sabir
  • Board member: Mohamed Abdulahi

We are here to reclaim the narrative of our own story and defend our rights!

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