Anowara is a Rohingya mother and wife of our dedicated man in the Kutupalong refugee camp running an orphanage and madrassa. Now she needs our help to fund the surgery, to remove a life-threatening tumor in her brain!

A Call to Action from Ummah Project

Dear Ummah Project community and compassionate supporters,

Amidst the challenges of the Kutupalong Rohingya refugee camp, there’s a beacon of hope and resilience – Anowara. Together with her husband, Hafes, whom we at Ummah Project work closely with, they’ve devoted their lives to the welfare of the camp’s most vulnerable. Running an orphanage and providing a shelter, warmth and teachings at a Qur’an madrassa, their impact is profound. But today, the tables have turned, and Anowara urgently needs our support.

Anowara has been diagnosed with a brain tumor that has gravely affected her ability to speak and walk. The MRI paints a clear picture: a sizable mass in the 4th ventricle, with further medical findings suggesting a potential ependymoma. The urgency of her situation cannot be overstated, given the tumor’s location and the obstructions it’s causing.

To provide Anowara with the life-saving operation she requires, we need to raise €2300 without delay. Doctors stress the urgency of this operation, and as a community, it’s our responsibility to rally behind Anowara and Hafes, who’ve given so much.

Every donation, regardless of size, moves us closer to securing Anowara’s treatment. We understand that not everyone can contribute financially, but spreading the word is equally crucial.

After you’ve made your contribution, please share this urgent plea with friends, family, and followers. Together, under the banner of the Ummah Project, we can exemplify what unity and compassion truly mean.

May Allah ﷻ reward you abundantly for your generosity. Together, we can change the course of Anowara’s life.

We are here to reclaim the narrative of our own story and defend our rights!

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