French president Macron and his administration are spearheading the fascist tendencies in Europe. Macron has violated international charters pertaining to the freedom of religion and civil and political rights by exerting pressure and threatening Muslims in relation to how they should interpret and practice their religion.

On the 17th November, Macron gave the French Council of Muslim Worship (CFCM) an ultimatum to agree to a “Charter of Republican Values” that includes curtailing political expressions of Muslims and agreeing to the State approval of Imams.

The charter goes as far as intervening and attempting to dissolve core aspects of Islamic belief, by demanding from the Muslims to distance themselves from those concepts. The charter demands from Muslims to vow:

“…not to use nor to allow to use of Islam or the concept of Ummah (community of believers) in a local or national political perspective…”

This contravenes France’s stated value of laïcité, which provides for and protects the principle of secularism in France, the separation of state from religion. Macron’s charter is far from combatting extremism, it is an aggressive governmental involvement in religious affairs, an action that is both discriminatory (since it is only Islam that is the “problem”) and a direct violation of French, European and international law.

In a first of its kind in the West, coordinated action was taken by dozens of Islamic advocacy groups. The UMMAH LAWYER wrote the joint complaints against the actions by the French government and together with the collective filed it at the United Nations Human Rights Council and the European Commission.

read more here: https://www.middleeasteye.net/news/france-islamophobia-un-human-rights-council

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